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Eric M. Lang Leaving CMON to Return to Freelance Game Design

Posted by flightflashgame

As of September 1, 2020, Lang will leave that position to return to being a freelance game designer once again. In an August 28, 2020 Facebook post, Lang writes:

First things first: this is not sudden (has been in the works for awhile), and I leave CMON on the best possible terms. I will, in fact, still be making games for them (check out the announcement for some teasers) and you’ll be seeing games that I worked on as Game Director for years to come. Our relationship continues actively in the long term as valued partners and friends.

It’s been an incredible last three years, and one Facebook post can’t possibly summarize all the amazing things we’ve done together. I’m likely to just gush about these experiences piecemeal over the next few weeks as they come to me.
 I owe a debt of immense gratitude and friendship to the team at CMON, particularly my tireless developers; we’ve grown together tremendously, and y’all are on track to become absolute rock stars.

I will talk about my future stuff (including game projects and advocacy work) later. For now I’m focused on celebrating the last three years with so many amazing people. THANK YOU CMON! I MISS YOU ALL ALREADY

“The last three years have been fantastic, both professionally and personally,” commented Eric. “Over the past few months, we drafted a long-term release plan with some truly great titles, which will continue to bear fruit for many years to come. Now felt like the right time for me to return to my roots; focusing on game design and public advocacy for our amazing hobby.”

Credit: Eric M. Lang Leaving CMON to Return to Freelance Game Design | BoardGameGeek News