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Cyberpunk adventure Cloudpunk lands on PS4 October 15

Posted by flightflashgame

I’m Thomas Welsh, lead writer and narrative designer on Cloudpunk, and I created the characters you’ll meet in the cyberpunk city of Nivalis.

Since release, seeing players’ response to the diverse and colourful cast of characters has been a blast. Everyone has their favourite, and I’m really touched by how the community has taken these androids, humans, and cyborgs to heart.

Today I’m going to tell you about five of the most important people you’ll meet during your rain-soaked, neon-infused cyberpunk adventure.

When I first joined the project, Cloudpunk had a beautiful voxel world filled with flying vehicles, but no characters or plot yet. We knew Cloudpunk wasn’t going to be a typical cyberpunk story about grizzled cyborg cops or robot gangs shooting each other in the street.

Instead, we wanted to tell the story of a regular person living a normal life in a cyberpunk world. How do they pay their bills? Who are their friends and rivals? What is it like for them to work the nightshift for a delivery company, flying between buildings, meeting interesting people, and listening to a pulsing synth soundtrack? To answer those questions, we needed a hero. That hero was Rania.